Thursday, October 14, 2010

Meet Maisy......

I have been looking for a goldendoodle
or labradoodle.
All the ones I really likes were like 2 or 3 K.
SOOOO, I went to Wal-mart.  
Some people were selling these puppies
yea, at WALMART!
She is 1/2 Akita 1/2 Poodle.
I know Akita's have a bad rap.
But SUPPOSEDLY, her momma and daddy
are super sweet dogs.  Wonderful with children.

I could not resist!  AND they were only
$150.  Petco on the other hand........
She IS so cute!
And fluffy!
And docile!
And snuggly!
And chubby!
And sweet!
And Poops!
And Pees!
And Cried the first 2 nights!
That's not bad though!
She did not cry at all last night!

She is a good little puppy!
Taelynn named her:  MAISY
We have recently watched Marmaduke.
If you have seen it, that is where she came up
with the name Maisy.  Marmadukes.....friend.
She is going to get around 70lbs.



Your crazy......but Maisy is very cute and looks very cuddley .....

Jorg Family said...

No cute!