Friday, November 12, 2010

Step by Step Self Binding Receiving Blanket:

 Cut Fabric:
(Flannel works best)
Bottom 40" x 40"
Top 30" x 30"
I think this is a great size
and it works well with 
the width of fabric.
But as long as the 
width and length
of the bottom
is 10" bigger than the
front, it works!
I suppose if you 
wanted to make it 
any size binding edge...
just make the top 
and sides the
Bottom 35" x 35"
Top 30" x 30"  or
Bottom 35" x 25"
Top 45" x 35" etc.
You can make doll blankets too!
Maybe Top 30" x 30"
Bottom 20" x 20". 

Fold both pieces
in 1/2 and 
in 1/2 till square

IRON Crease

Pin Right sides together
matching  Creases.
I only pin in 4 places on

Then starting at the crease
where pinned in the middle 
of the fabric edge sew from 
the middle out to the corner
stop 1/4" before the end/corner.

Repeat on all 4 sides sewing
from the middle out middle out,
leave a 6"ish opening on
one of the sides for turning.
 Your blanket should look like above.
 Matching sides fold and lay
on mat.

 Fold corner over and press
along fold with finger.
 Mark for sewing.

 See the corner above.
 Sew across line, on all 4 corners.
If you are questioning the angle...
Sew with long stitch and turn,
if it is right, sew again 
with more secure stitch.
 I shake out and make sure 
everything looks right.
Then turn right side out,
 Use pin to pull corners out
to nice point if needed.

Fold opening nicely and Iron.
Then ......
 Sew opening used for turning shut.
A nice big zig zag stitch catches it
all nicely and looks cute too or...
Trim is cute. 
Again, I usually use a large
zig zag in order to catch the
opening well! I did not on
this one, and had to resew the 

I made this little bib from the leftover fabric
Not so great!  But it's cute right?
That's what is fun about sewing for your kids!
They don't really care that it is not perfect!


Brinlee, Kyle, and Kimber said...

Heidi!! I just made two of these over the last three days and I looked EVERYWHERE for a good tutorial! I ended calling a friend A MILLION TIMES! I just want to tell you that your step by step is AWESOME! So much better than any of the other ones I found online three days ago! Thanks for sharing!

Robin said...

I'm in love with this blanket!!!... It's Robin Egg Blue :) So stinkin' CUTE Heidi!