Sunday, December 7, 2008

Wedding Pics

Got some more Pics of my Brothers Wedding at Bryce Canyon!
Curt and Erica
My Brother USED to Bronc ride here!
Fun Picture!
I am glad he has given that up!
Curt and My Dad
Erica and Curt
My Mom and Curt
Wedding Isle
Tae and Adi
Grace, Tae and Adi
Carson and Tae
My sisters and brother:
Velvette, Me, Curt, and Robin
I always follow that with:
YES! I am 20 years older than my sister Robin!
My Entire Family - Darren.
Darren could not go to the Wedding,
he was co-chairman of the Dixie Roundup
which was the same day as the Wedding.
Left to Right:
My sister Velvette's family:
Nicole, Nate, Brent Colby and Velvette.
Me, My Husband Kendall behind me hiding!
Junior, Travis, My Dad Charlie
The Bride Erica, my brother the groom Curt.
My Mom Karen,
My sister Robin's family
Carson, Robin, Jared, Ashley.
The rest of my Family>
Adilynn, Tara, Jentry, Jennifer, Jeremy,
Shaun, Gabrielle, Lindsey and unborn Stella.
They are all awesome people!
We were all so happy for my Brother!
He is a WONDERFUL Human!

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Sandi said...

Those are great pictures. I love the ones of the little girls!