Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Morning

Or should we say Christmas Chaos!
Christmas was awesome! Our whole family came for breakfast.
The children were so excited and full of joy!
Here are some pics. My camera needs some adjusting!
Tae with a cheek full of food.
Adi loved her sleeping bag Carson and Robin gave her!

Stella was not sure about all the commotion!

Gabby and Stella in there Christmas Jammie's.
Grandma Nora, Adi and Tae checking out a present.

My favorite Christmas Present: Stella Jane Sullivan

Lindsey helping Tae with her DS with the wowee cub snuggled in Tae's neck.
Jr. loves Stella! He wanted us to all leave him alone with her.
June Bugs new Spiderman bike.
Jun and Adi and the Christmas Clutter.
Oh my the MESS!
Lindsey opening a blanky grandma Nora made. Beautiful!
Every present Gab opened she said: "It's Gabby's"
What a blessing it is to have a Happy Healthy Family!

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