Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sapphire Princess?

Has anyone been on the Sapphire Princess?
I am thinking about booking a trip for Kendalls B-Day Present.
We have really never been down the Pacific Side of Mexico.
This is a 7 day cruise to Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Cabo.
(Mexican Riviera)
All of which we have never been.
It would be great to drive there and board, instead of fly!
We love Princess or Royal....
Has anyone went with Holland?
Darren and Tara went on
Carnival Pride to the same Ports for their Honeymoon.
Pride was brand new then.
They thought it was great.
Jenny and Jeremy went on the Ensanade, Catalina cruise.
Jenny had cruised with the family before so she knew the difference.
We may never get Jeremy on another Cruise!
Sorry so many questions!
Would it even be worth diving at any of the Pacific ports?
We really need to log a dive.
We have been wanting to go to Belize also.
Has anyone stayed somewhere nice there!
Family and Friends You are welcome to join us!

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Brandon and Lindsay said...

I heard Holland is a nice cruise line, but tend to attract an older crowd (don't quote me on that). I'm sure it'll be fine.
My husband and I took that same cruise on Royal Carribean and loved it. Cabo has pretty clear blue water--known for good fishing & snorkeling. Mazatlan IS a dive!! (not my favorite place)If you dive anywhere I suggest Puerto Vallarta. They have good snorkeling, too.
Shoot, anywhere in the Carribean (Belize included)is heaven! That would be fun!
What an awesome birthday gift!