Friday, September 26, 2008


What a wild and fun couple of weeks!
First I tended Gabrielle for SEVEN nights!
She was an angel.
Her parents were in Mexico for NINE nights.
I took her to Tara Tues. and went directly to my 8 Hour dental appointment.
Recovered for a couple of days.
Then Friday we went to the Rodeo.
My son-in-law Darrin was the Co-Chairman of the Rodeo.
So we wanted to watch him ride in the Grand Entry.
Then Saturday Morning we got up at 5:45 a.m. (those of you who know me know this is major)
Picked up the Flowers at Bloomers for my Brothers Wedding and drove Tara and Darrin's Coach loaded with flowers up to Bryce Canyon.
Ok, I don't know about anyone else, but when my husband is stressed he is grouchy.
Driving a 40" Motor Home loaded with Glass and Flowers is stressful!
I went back on the Bed and slept most the way!!!!!
The Wedding was so awesome!
It was a long ways away, but the leaves were changing and it was beautiful!
After the Wedding we drove back to Brian Head for the Reception. The scenery was gorgeous,
I reclined the front seat and was in Heaven for the Drive. This is the first time we have got to take the Coach. I think we are hooked. It was great!
Then after the Reception we drove down the mountain to Parowan and stayed the night at my Parents house.
The next morning I went to SLC to a two day Cake Decorating Class. It was from 9-5 Monday and Tues. It was the funnest ever!
I went by myself and I really enjoyed the trip.
So now I am home and tending Adi and Jr. while there parents are out of town for a couple of nights.
I hope life slows down a little now!
So here are the Pics from the Wedding that have been posted.
I can't wait to see the photographers pictures. He took tons! I will post them later.
This is my brothers car:
Wedding Destination:The Bryce Canyon Lodge:My Parent's:Flower girl's and Ring Barrer:Carson, my Nephew was so cute, he practiced and practiced handing the ring to Curt.
When it came to the ceremony he had to go up stairs. (he had not practiced for this) It was so funny because he tryed doing a half knell type bow on the stairs, then Curt motioned for him to come up on the stage. He did such a great job. He took it so seriously!Back Drop of Wedding, Bryce Canyon:Erica had two dresses, one for the ceremony and one for the Reception:OK....this was the best part of the whole day!
Unbeknownest to any of us...Tara had choreographed a whole wild routine for Curt and Erica....
So they had their first dance, so calm and nice, they hugged like it was over and then this loud wild music started and they broke into this whole routine. It was hilarious! They were both
so into it and everyone was so shocked. It was GREAT!
Curt said he was more worried about the dance than the vows.


Cutting the Cake:
So many of their friends flew into Bryce (literally) to be with them. From all over the US.
People they went to school with, People they work with. It was so awesome.
They are really special and Amazing People.
I am not suprized so many people
came so far to share their special day!
Jr.:They have both waited so long to get married, I am so happy they finally found each other!
Erica is a Pharmaceutical Rep. She goes into Surgeries and demonstrates how to use medical devises.
My Brother Curt is a Nurse Anestheses. He does a lot of epidurals, and works with a Anesthesiology team in Vegas. He also does a lot of Spine Surgeries with Dr. Duke in Vegas.
Curt thinks he is an incredible surgeon. The Best.
He has a jet and a full time on call Pilot.
So he flew to Bryce to the Wedding. I was excited to get to meet him.
Curt has worked so hard to get where he is.
He has so much drive and is sooooo smart.
I am so proud of him and his accomplishments!
So Curt and Erica met at the Hospital.
Erica took the Surgical team out to dinner. And the rest is History.

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