Thursday, June 5, 2008


Saw him in Vegas, Great Show!!!!!!!! He is HOT!!!!!!!!

JEWELRY!!!!! I bought the most beautiful diamond from this Web site. We had been looking for a year. Everywhere we went,which don't get me wrong that was the funnest part! You can use the request template to choose the color, size, table, clarity, and price. You then can look at the certificates associated with your choices. I bought the loose diamond then picked the setting at: they mounted the diamond for me. I thought the price was great and the selection was awesome.

Love my Enclave. Seats 7. Great features! Rides like a dream!
Great Selection and Superior Service@:
I am really working on my food and water storage! Love Costco Executive Card.
You get money back on your purchases! Great Food! Great Meat Dept.
I bought a Vita Mixer there. It grinds my wheat to flour in like 4 seconds!
Wheat has been hard to find, but I am pretty stocked up on it now. AND USING IT!!!
I have been making wheat pancakes and cookies and such. I am trying to use my mixer!
Well, of course smoothies, and veggie soup.
Works Great!
Who Doesn't like Disneyland and my Favorite: BLOCK PARTY BASH!!!
I love to Listen to Audio Books while I walk...It keeps me going if I am into the Book!
Places to travel:
Pic #1: I love any cruise! My favorite ports have been Pic #2,3 Victoria Gardens British Columbia AMAZING!!, Pic #4 Barbados (The Boatyard),
Pic #5 Costa Maya, Mexico,
Favorite Local Picks:
#1 My Neighborhood (Green Springs) Pic #2 The Taqueria Cananita Restaurant at the Venetian/Blue Crab Salad, and Pic #3 Creme Brulee. Pic #4 The Venetian Hotel. (p.s. needs better Valet parking system). Pic #5 The Wynn, #6 love Breakfast room service and Pic #7 Le Reve! And of course last but certainly not least Pic #8 Fashion Show Mall(Park under Saks).
OVERBOARD My favorite movie of all time.
They get flan! Why don't we get flan!
(Watch the Movie)
MY PRETZELS!!!! (My 15 year addiction) Have to have them within reach at all times!
Don't knock em till you try em! Some of my favorite places and products, I highly recommend. MORE TO COME!

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