Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Feb. Cakes

This was a Cake and Cupcake order for:
Bell Tower Courtyard.
They had a Celebrity Cruise Night.
I went, it was cool.
They had a rep from Celebrity and Slides
of the Ships.
I have never been on Celebrity, but it
sure made me want to!
Cupcakes were Carrot with Cream Cheese Frosting.
This was definitely a collaborative effort!
Kendall Carved the ship,
Jennifer Fondanted it.
Jentry made the palm trees and lounge chairs.
Jenna and Jentry made the cupcake toppers.
Kendall made the dolphins.
Heidi detailed it.
Pools, stacks, water, sand, etc.
I think this is my favorite cake to date!
I loved it!
Turq, Red and White.
Laura from Forevermore Events
Did it up amazing as usual!
At Villa Gardens
The Horse Cake:
I was contacted by a man named George.
He wanted a Birthday Cake for his wife.
He said she was 73. But wanted it to read 49.
He e-mailed me a picture of Nina on a horse at her
Fathers Ranch in Arizona. Years Prior.
I tryed to replicate exactly.
Same feet and spots on horse.
Saddle blanket. etc.
I used Shredded Wheat for the bales of hay.
Painted a picket fence around the sides of the cake.
The Engagement/Birthday Cake:
The couple got engaged on the Brides Birthday.
They had a celebration with their families.
The Brides Mother ordered the cake ahead.
The Bride did not know she was getting engaged.
My Friend Rocky wanted to eat
cake for her Birthday.
Lemon with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting.
She has a Black Cat named Josephine.
I could not resist adding her to the cake.
This was a Wedding Cake for
my friend Janece's daughter.
Fresh Flowers had not gone on yet.
I need to get a better pic from
the photographer!
I was taking against the window light.
This cake was pretty.
We put the same rhinestone buckle
as her bouquet had on it.
Scrolling just around the bottom.
Lots of pins down the back.
Villa Gardens

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Josh and Ashleigh said...

Love the red blue and white cake! I also think that is my favorite.

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