Thursday, January 1, 2009

This is a Picture of Hong Kong.
No connection, I just thought it was beautiful!
I asked Kendall tonight what his New Years Resolutions were....
he said he had not thought about it.
So I asked him if he knew me well enough to know what mine were.
Sure enough he got 4 of the top 4!
Which really means I have had the same ones every Jan!
I have so many things I need to work on!
OK... Here they are:
  1. Weigh 120
  2. Keep current on "contributions"
  3. Stop drinking Diet Coke
  4. Pay off CC monthly
  5. Dive in Belize
  6. Work on Christmas and Birthdays NOW
  7. Be more positive
  8. Go to bed earlier (it is now 2:47 a.m.)
  9. Get up earlier
  10. Try to learn Spanish "AGAIN"

Oh and so many more!!!!!!

Why do they look so easy on paper?

OK, I am going to write down in a notebook how to

accomplish each resolution!

It's a good start right?

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