Sunday, January 25, 2009


This was our finished booth.
I was really happy with how it turned out!
My daughter Jenny was over the decorating.
This Tiffany Blue Cake had Jenny's
beautiful handmade Orchids on it!
I do not know why we did not get a picture of it finished!
I think this Dammask Cake was our Show Piece!
It took Jenny and I about 6 hours to Airbrush it.
It was really beautiful! 8 tiers high.This is a picture of the cake before the roses.
You could do so many fun things with it at this point.
The Purple Cupcake Tower also showcased Jennys Flowers
These cherry blossoms were darling!
150 Cupcakes
I thought the wheat grass was soooo cute!
Jenny designed and made this cake,
but did not really like
how it turned out.....
I thought it was fun!
This cake was simplistic and pretty...
Jenny handmade all the butterflies.
The orange was airbrushed on the sides only.
The blue flowers were lined with piping.
Contemporary! Once again this is Jenny's Cake Design.
She airbrushed all the layers and
handmade all the flowers.
It was really elegant.So we decided to do the Bridal Expo and in 2 weeks we:
Ordered everything we needed to make Dummy Cakes
(Styrofoam Dummies etc.)
Ordered business cards
Ordered a Sign
Kendall built me some really cool tables
Designed our booth and ordered accordingly
Put together 8 Cakes with dummies
Made 15 Gallons of Fondant
Handmade sugar butterflies, orchids, gold flowers and cherry blossom twigs
Covered around 34 dummies with fondant
Air Brushed 16 Layers
Decorated all 34
Dowelled them all together
Baked 700-800 Cupcakes
Frosted them all
Used ???200 bags of Pwd Sugar approx.
If you licked my walls in my house right
now I think they would taste like sugar!
Placed the finishing touches
Made a Picture Book
Ordered Shirts and had them embroideried with our Logo
Set up the booth
Did the show
Tore down the booth
Yeh, we are pretty spent!
That was a pretty big undertaking for that amount of time.
When I say we.....I definately did not fly solo!
Jenny was amazing!!!
She stayed up till 3-4 A.M. with me slaving away!
She made all the sugar flowers and butterflies!
Worked on our website.
Designed and created most everything!
With very little compensation I might add!
Then there was Jeremy!
He is the greatest man!
He emptied out his work trailer, cleaned it and hauled
all my tables etc. to the Dixie Center (in the rain).
Helped set up, and take down, and hauled it back home.
Thank you Jeremy!
My Husband Kendall!
Built 8 sturdy tables all different sizes.
Round on the top with a Square base so they are flippable!
Built me the coolest Air Brush booth with shelves,
a tent over it and everything!
Put up with a messy messy kitchen for a week!
Although he left town on a golfing trip the day before the show.....
I Love You Ken! Thank You!
You are a great support system!
Jentry cleaned for me!
Tara gathered a few Pics and printed my book.
Gave moral support.
AND CRITISIZED where needed!
Shaun and Brian H helped set up.
My Sister Velvette came from Vegas on Friday
Ironed tablecloths, cleaned, helped set up, helped make cupcakes
till the wee hours, waited on us, feed us etc.
Thank you Vel!!!! You are awesome!
Also a shout out to all my friends that had imput!
Dale-Rae and Ashleigh
Janece, Sandy and Whitney
So many people were so supportive in my
overly ambitious undertaking of
getting ready in two weeks!
Next year I will start now to plan!!!!
I love all you guys! You are the best!
I could have never done it without all your help and support!


Elsha & Jill said...


Josh and Ashleigh said...

Wow! Everything looked amazing. The set up thae cakes...You guys are truly blessed with amazing talent!!!

Lori said...

Heidi, I wish I had known you were so talented in this area. Lesa's wedding was last year and I would have used you for the cake! I did, however, use Bloomers and Debbie at the are right...they are amazing!!!

janece said...

WAY TO GO GIRLFRIEND!!!!!! I can't wait to do lunch and get all the inside scoop on everything. The cakes are absolutely unique (which way above beautiful) and stunning you and Jenny are amazing.

Marcia Milne said...

ALL of the cakes are AMAZING!! I bet you are going to have orders coming out of your ears! I also agree with you on Bloomers-I have used them for years (I wish they were around for my wedding) they always have the most creative designs!
I am still bragging on Optimus Prime-I have a picture on my phone that I show EVERYONE! Thanks again!