Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Elsa Cape Pattern

Thank you for your interest in the Elsa Cape!
This is how I went about it.
Or I will make it for you for $54.  
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 It was a whip up 6 in 1 evening kind of a pattern!

Make it better!  Let me know how you did!

I used fabric from JoAnn's.
Tae picked the one she felt looked most like Elsa's.

2 yrd.  (the fabric we choose was finished along the bottom!!! BONUS)
This fabric was $9.99
I had some blue cotton fabric that I cut approx.  24" x 2 ½" (Cut 2)
Sew the 2 strips right sides together leaving a 12" ish opening in the middle of long side.
Turn and iron.
This makes the collar.
I bought the broach thing at JoAnn's also.
They were 40% off at the time around $4.

I Used the entire piece of fabric.  All 2 yrd for the older girls.  
If you need to turn under the fabric you choose, do that now. 
Turn under and sew all 3 sides.

I put the collar end of the cape fabric into the opening of the collar.
Pinned the right side into the far right side of the opening and the left side into the far left side of the opening.
Then eyeballed the middle of the cape fabric and pinned it into the middle of the collar opening.
Then eyeballed the middle of the left and right side and pinned them in.  
(So I only had 5 pieces of the cape edge pinned into the collar.)
The rest draped to make a nice back.
Sew across the collar opening to secure the cape at the 5 spots.
I liked how the entire edge was not gathered in….AND THIS WAS WAY EASIER!
I sewed the collar together at the front and sewed or hot glued the beautiful magical crystal snow flake on.  We were going to velcro the front closure, but this was faster.
I added a finger loop a little longer than the child's arm length down so they could hold the cape out and whip it around easily.  (cut hair elastic).
For the little girls I only used 1 yard of fabric.  They were all out of the finished edge fabric, so I did a turn under hem all the way around the 3 sides.  The baby Biv (Olivia)  Loved hers….I was kind of surprised.  She was even singing Let it go……  :))  Stella's was REALLY long!  
The ones with the pre-finished bottom edge and 2 yds of fabric were definitely prettier!  I used the width of the fabric for the length and 1 yard for the width of the cape for the little ones.
2 yds gathered in the collar for the older ones.
I am sure there are 100 better, nicer ways to go about this…..but this is how I did it!
ENJOY!  Message me on Facebook if you have any questions.  

As you can see the little girls with just 1 yds of fabric did not work as well.
The fabric I used for them did not flow well either.  A little stiffer.


I made a similar cape for Adi for her Ireland representation at the Miss Starlit Pageant last year.

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I will make you a cape for $54. E-mail me at heidirsmith@Hotmail.com