Monday, August 15, 2011


Her favorite place is the Cabin.
I had been wanting a golden doodle forever.
I was having a bad day(tipped over a cake)!
I was drained and had to stop at Wal-mart.
They were selling puppies on the sidewalk.
Mind you I had been looking at $4000. puppies.
They were asking $175.  I called Jentry and said:
"I am having a week moment, you better come to
walmart fast and stop me".  So she did.  She and Tae
also loved the puppies.  Needless to say........
These pics are all of Maisy! 
She has grown in LEAPS AND BOUNDS!
She is the sweetest, smartest dog we have
ever had!  
She shakes, sits, plays with the kids
and would NEVER growl or snap at
She was potty trained from the get go!
ALTHOUGH>>>>>our lawn and
our neighbors are NOT loving her!
She is WAY friendly and wants to
be outside with the kids.
She is a great dog!
At halloween she was just 
a few months old.
Now she is 1.

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